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Paying Money to Run Up Hills? Worth it at the Rim2Rim Race!

Running up steep hills several times in a race sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?! It’s super great when one hill is at the very end, too, right?! There’s nothing much more fun than that, except for maybe your doctor telling you that you have a serious illness that can only be treated with extra kale in your diet.

Seriously, though the Rim2Rim Race in Twin Falls, Idaho, is actually really fun. The 7.5-mile run benefits the local Habitat for Humanity and gives you great views of the Snake River Canyon. You begin by running up one side of the canyon. You ultimately cross the Perrine Bridge and run down other side of the Canyon. Another footbridge and a grueling hill afterward take you to the finish line.

If you look around when taking a break from your Usain Bolt impression, the Snake River Canyon isn't too bad!

I did this race back in 2015. The cool thing is that the person who runs the initial hill fastest actually gets a cash prize. That person may have reached the top before I was even halfway up, but it was nice to believe I had a chance for about ten seconds. You also can’t feel too bad for walking a little on the way up because basically everyone else does. I probably only did twice for ten seconds or so, but it’s better than getting so tired you have to pitch a tent at the first aid station.

The bridge is also great because you can look down into the canyon amid the runner traffic jam on the footpath. You can’t get too upset about the snail’s pace when you can enjoy the view. You also get a huge break by running downhill on the other side of the canyon. If you lengthen your stride enough to keep your speed, you can fly by stutter-stepping people who are afraid to face plant. What’s a few missing teeth if it means finishing 45th instead of 48th?!

The Perrine Bridge free from hoards of runners

Then of course we have the most important thing to know: What are the freebies? The base $40 dollar fee doesn't include a shirt or medal, but you can pay extra for them. In 2017, it was an extra $5 for the medal and $10 for the shirt. After running, though, what's really important? Stuffing your face to undo your hard work, obviously! There’s some tasty fare at the finish line, and you can enjoy being in the scenic canyon while you eat it. There wasn’t quite as much I could enjoy as an herbivore supremacist, but a vegetarian is generally a mythical creature in Idaho. No one would think to cater for unicorns. There were Clif Bars, though, since the company has a bakery in Twin Falls. Free Clif Bars? I’d totally run 7.5-miles for that. If I mentioned them a third time, do you think they’ll give me some free Clif Bars without having to run?

Since it’s for a good cause, you can say you paid to run up several hills, and there’s free food for your trouble, why wouldn’t you run the Rim2Rim?! Don’t worry. If you walk at all during the race, I won’t tell anyone. My mouth will be too full of Clif Bars.

If you want tips on what to do in Twin Falls after the race, check out my Thrifty Trips Twin Falls video.

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